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Boiler Room Glasgow x Sub Club feat. Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

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The Boiler Room returned to Glasgow for the fourth time on Tuesday 21st July. Previous visits had been some of the most energetic and exciting Boiler Room performances that have ever happened. Last year, Boiler Room collaborated with Sub Club to celebrate 20yrs of Subculture with Harri & Domenic alongside Optimo, followed by an Autonomous Africa special with Auntie Flo and Midland; then in March this year an event featuring members of the iconic Numbers label with Jackmaster, Spencer and special guest Lory D.

The seminal Dixon Avenue Basement Jams were the subject of the upcoming Boiler Room at the Sub Club. The Glasgow-based label is renown for its serious club sound with high in energy performances and a true representative of a Glasgow dance floor. Their 12″ releases have found a home not just locally but are a staple edition to many DJ’s record bags around the world. Watch the DABJ documentary below.

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams’ label heads Dan Monox and the Wasp were sure to provide a masterclass in track selection. They, alongside Denis Sulta and Marquis Hawkes, were one of the highlight’s of the DABJ takeover at Sub Club. Their irregular Rinse FM podcasts are something to behold, and a Radio 1 Essential Mix helped to take the label out of Glasgow and cement their position globally.

If that was not enough, they will be joined by DABJ staple Denis Sulta whose two releases on DABJ have been played in mixes, podcasts, radio shows and on dancefloors around the world, by DJ’s ranging from clued-up local residents to some of the biggest names in dance music. It is no surprise that he would be snapped up for a Boiler Room, with “A.A.L.A.S” from his debut Sulta Selects EP, out on DABJ, appearing as one of Boiler Room TV’s featured ‘debut’ tracks. His DJ ability is also paramount; he jointly stole the show at the Subculture and has been appearing at nights across the UK, including a set at the famous London institution, Fabric.

The latest editions to the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label, Big Miz and Casio Royale, will also be making an appearance on the night. Big Miz has also been tipped by Boiler Room, with “Good Thing”, from the Midnight Man Handle EP, released on 27th of July, also being selected to be one of their debuts.

Boiler Room Glasgow took place at the Sub Club (21st of July) 7pm – 11pm.
Boiler Room - Denis Sulta

Afterparty w/ iAM from 11pm – 3am ft. Beta & Kappa warming up the decks for Denis Sulta .

Boiler Room Afterparty iAMEvent:


Written by: Chester Cornford      //       Edited by: Roger Whyte

The Revenge

The Revenge – Love That Will Not Die [Album Review]

Love That Will Not Die

It is hard to find the equilibrium between old and new.

If there is anyone suited to balance out past eras of music with forward thinking productions, it is Graeme Clark, a.k.a. The Revenge. The work that exhibits this ability most truly comes in the form of his newly-released debut solo album, “Love That Will Not Die”.
In the fifteen years that The Revenge has been producing music, there have been numerous reworks, solo productions, remixes, collaborations and live sets that display the Glasgow legend’s skill of making music that is not only cutting edge, but inspired from sounds from a time gone by, resulting in a beautiful blend of dance nostalgia and modern trends. Below is a short recording from his live set at Sub Club on NYE 2014 as a preview to the “Love That Will Not Die” album tour.

If two critically acclaimed albums released under the partnership with Edinburgh name-sake Craig Smith as 6th Borough Project, a well-received collaboration with Subculture’s Harri, an amazing rework compilation on Joey Negro’s Z Records back in 2010 and numerous releases on labels such as DFA and My Favourite Robot weren’t enough to cement Graeme’s position as one of the most talented and influential artists in Glasgow at the moment; “Love That Will Not Die” would eradicate any doubt.
The album begins with an intro ‘track’ – in fact, it is a recording from a show Graeme played with Craig Smith and is the noise of the crowd’s reaction to the soundsystem going off. This falls into “Seed”, a mid-tempo disco house number with whirling synths and pads that is aptly named. The track is traditional in its sound, firmly rooted in the past but still manages to sound fresh, new, and innovative. The following “Crush” (below), is a harder affair, crafted on a Juno 106 with intrinsic melodies and 80s leading lines. A few sharp snare drums before the drops add energy to the track. The energy and flow of the album builds further with “Just One Touch” – a more minimal and darker entity, with a strong and catchy repetitive bassline which drives it forward and would create waves on a dancefloor.

A sort of interlude, “Incredible Shellsuit | Theme”, is a representation of a past track, “Incredible Shellsuit”, that did not make it onto the album in it’s full entirety. It’s important that it did find its way in somehow, however; the vinyl crackle, the random noises and samples, and the warm and uplifting riff sit well inside you. It creates a nice break in the album, providing a beat-less rest before taking you into one of the biggest songs from the album, “Another Light”, that features the vocals of Jesse Rinnix. It’s a different feeling to the start of the album, and is a much darker and gloomier affair. The dynamic of the album changes again with “Night Fever” (below), which tribal sound features percussion from Esa Williams, whose impact can be heard in this faster and funkier, drum heavy, track.

The ambient and mellow “A New Heaven” provides another split in the album, before the listener is treated with the beautiful collaboration with Sister Sledge. To score the partnership is in itself impressive, for the end result to be so good is an even larger feat. The vocals in “Stay A While” are bliss, the beat is relaxing and refreshing, and overall, it is the most heart-warming cut on an emotive album. The title track, “Love That Will Not Die”, provides an equally moving atmosphere, and provides a centre point for the feel and quality of the album. It’s a slow burning house number, slowly building in energy; that is both raw and colourful, demonstrating Graeme’s high levels of production and song-making.

“Otherlover” is a stripped back house track made straight for delivery to the dance floor. A looped bassline keeps it flowing while a classic sounding chord plays over the track, providing the fine blend that is key to the Revenge’s sound, the coming together of past, present and future. Linking back to “Crush (below), “Tender Is The Night (Harder Is The Day)” uses the Juno 106 to create an almost bittersweet combination of a warm and inviting bassline with wistful synths that sound straight out the 80s yet very now. It is a paradoxical delight that is one of personal highlights from the album.

“Love That Will Not Die” ends with the thumping “Dance 4 U” (below), the original of which was made back in 1999. The riffs build and jump; whirls and beeps and all sorts of delightful sounds come together to build the track up. This takes the listener up and up as the album draws to a close, before ending on the ambient reprise that is “Love That Will Not Die | Reprise”. Placing this at the end of the album, and not on the end of “Love That Will Not Die” itself, was a clever move from Graeme. By placing it at the end, the flow of the album works much better than if it was in the middle, and allows a natural conclusion to a great album that goes in many different directions. If you have the privilege of listening to the bonus version, you’re treated to the groovy encore of “Get Physical”, a fitting reward if you bought it direct from the ‘Roar Store’.

It is hard to find a negative word to say about “Love That Will Not Die.” The album is largely instrumental, and by keeping the contents at the five and a half minute mark, Graeme has created an album that is ready to be used on the dancefloor, enjoyed at home and listened to in full length without ever becoming boring, a trap many a dance album falls into. Graeme’s work has always been some of the best stuff available. An album was never needed to grade him as a talented and forward-thinking musician, but if it was; “Love That Would Not Die” would leave him with the highest mark in the class…

“Love That Would Not Die” is out now on the Roar Groove imprint – available on limited edition 12″, CD and Digital.

KILTR and Sub Club welcomed The Revenge to the Sub Hub on Thursday (2nd April) featuring a live set followed by a Q&A session discussing the process of creating the ‘Love That Will Not Die’ album.Sub Hub Glasgow

Written by: Chester Cornford       ||||         Edited by: Roger Whyte


Sankeys – The Arches – Aftermovie

Sankeys has grown to become the most recognisable club event within the Manchester underground music scene since its opening back in 1994. The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier have all headlined at Sankeys, helping to make it one of the most technologically advanced and comfortable clubbing experiences on the planet today.
On Saturday 14th March, Sankeys came to The Arches for their 20th Anniversary special celebrating the legacy of this legendary clubbing institution. We captured Darius Syrossian playing a back-to-back set alongside Sidney Charles in the Main Arch and a Toolroom Records takeover with Mark Knight, Mark Storie and Weiss in the Dance Arch.

Track: Darius Syrossian ft. DJ Sneak – Power to the People

Watch video in full HD:

Credits:  Videography/Editing: Aidan Shahbazkhani

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Ten Walls - Live

Ten Walls : Live AV Show


RA: Ten Walls - Arches
Ten Walls was voted #5 in the Top Live Acts of 2014 published by Resident Advisor and wrote that “his most famous tracks stand out through rich layers of instrumentation and electronics.” Friday 20th March marks your opportunity to see his spellbinding new live audio-visual performance in Glasgow for the first time.
Until March 2014, the identity of Ten Walls was a closely-guarded secret – The List Magazine published a piece revealing his identity before he made his Glasgow debut at the Sub Club last year. Now, the Lithuanian producer returns to the city for his first ever show at The Arches, featuring his stunning new live AV show.
With experimentation and artistic interpretation at the core of the Ten Walls project, the evolving live performance is every bit as creative and intricate as his productions. A live visual AV show alongside brand new Ten Walls material manipulated and performed live, this event will see Ten Walls push the creative boundaries, both sonically and visually, as he has done at countless venues and festivals worldwide.
Ten Walls descended on the scene in early 2013, arriving fully formed with three releases in quick succession, and a mind blowing live show to back up his signature studio sound. Standout tracks on each of the Ten Walls releases cemented him as one of the breakout electronic artists of the decade: ‘Gotham the title track from his debut EP on the groundbreaking Innervisions label; and the anthemic ‘Requiem‘ from Life and Death.
The constant success of ‘Walking With Elephants (below) has cemented his reputation as a respected DJ and music producer – releasing one of the biggest tracks of last year, reaching #3 in the UK Dance chart, and #6 in the overall Beatport Chart for 2014. The cinematic track has showcased Ten Walls’ ability to weave impeccably produced melodic tapestries as enjoyable at home as they are on the dancefloor.
Supporting Ten Walls on the night will be London duo Maribou State and Will Saul. Maribou State are well-known for their ethereal brand of laid back house electronics, with a number of remixes and releases already under their belt. Will Saul meanwhile is the man behind Simple Records and Aus Music – he has brought out music from the likes of Joy Orbison and Midland, and is a fantastic DJ and producer in his own right.

 Tickets available on The Arches website
Ten Walls Ten Walls: Live A/V Show
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Hex Glasgow //


HEX are a Glasgow-based collective running nights featuring the best in forward-thinking underground music. The crew met here in Glasgow a few years back after they were taken in by the vast electronic music scene the city has to offer. Following this, they decided to combine their different styles to create a fresh, unique sound. Their music tastes are inspired around the electronic music spectrum with influences from: UK Bass, Garage, Jungle, House and Techno. With half of the crew headlining iAM at Sub Club alongside Beta and Kappa back in November and all 6 residents (pictured below) playing to a packed-out Burn Mondays night at Buff Club – the future will tell which venue the Hex collective will pack out next. For now, La Cheetah on Queen Street is Hex’s home venue – with many successful events already under their belt, often followed by the occasional afterparty ///

After finding a perfect venue in Max’s La Cheetah last year and after months producing and mixing their new underground sound, the collective began to upload their latest tracks, sets and mixtapes on music distribution platforms such as: MixCloud and SoundCloud. Their launch night back in April 2013 was set up to kick start the Hex soundsystem with all 6 residents (Sebmann, Blackie, Walbaum, Smack, Ching and Alias) playing to a packed-out underground venue. This event created a stepping stone for Hex to improve on with high-energetic performances from the whole crew creating a new following from the crowd with a special vibe that made for an all-round memorable night ///

Hex returned after summer last year and welcomed back friends to the city with a follow-up for Round II which was another electric night attracting a new crowd to La Cheetah. The sheer vibration of the venue’s Funktion 1 soundsystem along with well-hyped performances from each the residents particularly set the mark for the launch of Sebmann’s ‘Shtun’ EP a few months down the line joined by members of Nineteen 89 Records prior to the artist being signed to the London-based electronic label ///

Round III was the first event of this year back in January with Simon Fowler supporting Sebmann returning fresh from his EP Launch and headlining the night was residents Smack playing a back-to-back set with Ching. The following month was the Hex Education night set up as an Anti-Valentine event with friend of the collective Fergus warming up the decks before the residents took over and once again shook the underground of La Cheetah with their massive sound. We cannot mention the Hex crew without the work of The Art Slinger featuring on every Hex flyer and poster used to promote each event – creating fresh illustrations and animations (below) which replicate each event’s general vibe. Jess is also known for her exquisite wild animal art designs for Glasgow’s favourite clothing brand – Feral Threads ///

Hex Design by Jess Slinger
The Hex crew celebrated their first year together as an electronic collective at La Cheetah on Thursday 29th May with regulars Walbaum and Ching on warm-up duties playing a back-to back set before Sebmann took to the decks. Their special guest for the night was producer F.T.G (Fuck The Government) from Italy who headlined the celebration at La Cheetah playing tracks never heard before from the crowd and Hex residents. He had been on their radar’s for a while, with ‘Tribute89’ becoming an underground success back in 2013, featuring in electronic charts around the world. All of his tracks are available on Resident Advisor. F.T.G has an immense passion for the Chicago sound which shined through in his production and selection on the night – the Hex collective appreciate and respect the producer as a true enthusiast of all things vinyl and analogue. Listen to Fuckthegovernment #001 ///

The collective’s 1st birthday celebration at the end of May marked a summer break for the whole Hex crew whilst they plan their next event. They are to use this time to reflect on the past events over the past year, to create and discover new electronic music styles and to further improve their unique sound. This will lead them to produce new tracks ready to be played out to their growing fanbase when the Hex crew return for another huge party in September – exact date and venue to be announced over the next few months. With three of the members headlining iAM at the end of last year, Alias, Smack and Sebmann represented Hex at Sub Club on Tuesday 1st July, joining the residents Beta and Kappa for yet another unforgettable aural adventure ///

Editor – Roger Whyte

Photography – Bryce Powrie (c)            Art/Design – Jess Slinger (c)

Todd Terje // Barrowlands Revue

Todd Terje // Barrowlands Revue

The East End Social and Optimo (Espacio) are elated to announce a stellar revue that will see the Barrowland Ballroom transformed into a club bacchanal on Sunday 25th May. Featuring some of our most impressive global and local electronic acts, the event will include an unmissable Scottish live debut from Nordic electro-seducer Todd Terje plus DJ sets from Glasgow’s inestimable Optimo, Ben UFO, Tim Sweeney and hypno-groove experts Golden Teacher. Following the event, there will be an unmissable after party at the Sub Club ///


Norwegian disco trailblazer Todd Terje has been elevating hearts and dance-floors for almost a decade, all thanks to hypnotic astral-electro tracks such as: ‘Inspector Norse’ (below) and his 2005 breakthrough single, ‘Eurodans’.  Terje’s live set at the Barrowlands will celebrate the release of his excellent debut long-player, ‘It’s Album Time’, whose Balearic charms include last year’s astronomical ‘Strandbar.’ The album released on April 7th of this year has already received positive reviews from both Resident Advisor and Pitchfork.


Optimo (Espacio) are DJ duo Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, whose legendary nights in Glasgow (and around the world) mixes up techno, electro, rock and other assorted records out of leftfield. With their wide arrangement of music tastes, they always put on an unforgettable show and these days Optimo are taking their unique sound to well-renowned clubs in Europe and Asia. Whilst Optimo remain Sub Club residents, Glasgow’s electronic following are constantly treated to outstanding special guests, who have included the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Atom Heart, Luciano, Justus Kohncke and Four Tet.


Over the past five years, Ben UFO has acquired a deserved reputation as one of the UK’s most daring and wide-ranging club music selectors, with his keen ear and technical ability enabling him to cut between eras, dance lineages and mixing styles with dazzling ease. Ben UFO plays on RinseFM every Thursday night. He co-founded Hessle Audio in 2007 with Pearson Sound and Pangaea while all three were students in Leeds.


Tim Sweeney is one of New York’s most sought-after DJs and is best known for his radio show, Beats in Space which he has been running for over a decade. In his early days, he worked in the studio of hip-hop legend Steinski absorbing as much as possible from the producer’s vast record collection. Since launching his radio show, Sweeney has dug deep into New York music circles and he showcases the best dance music from around the world – whether it’s disco, new wave, Chicago house, minimal techno, or classic funk and soul. 


Glasgow voodoo-groove deviants Golden Teacher started as a studio tryst between noise-punk triad Ultimate Thrush and analogue-house duo Silk Cut. Their unusual tribal sound besieged Optimo’s discerning ears, and their label has since issued: ‘Bells From the Deep End’ and in April came the release of ‘Party People/Love.’ Optimo call their latest EP ‘a party record’ and tell listeners to play it loud and let yourself loose with an array of lasers and strobe lights ///

Tickets Scotland  ||  Barrowlands Revue


Move D - Live

Sub Rosa presents: Move D

  • Date : Wednesday 16 April 2014
  • Time : 11:00pm – 3:00am
  • Venue : Sub Club

Sub Rosa

David Moufang (Move D) is one of electronic music’s most celebrated and respected producers with a long and varied musical history containing roots in 60′s and 70′s jazz, psychedelic rock, soul and early electronica. After growing up in Heidelberg listening to early Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk records; he has been influenced to create his own ambient techno sound. Over the years, the German-born producer has explored the boundaries of electronic music through his collaboration with Jonas Grossmann aDeep Space Network.

With a compilation of records under their belt, this led to the release of solo tracks such as: Things Will Come and Got2b. Moufang gathered a vast following through showcasing his unique style in clubs around the world and at festivals such as Dimensions Festival (below). He also delivered a mind-blowing set alongside Optimo at the Boiler Room in Berlin. The Sub Rosa collective, known for bringing high-calibre guests to Sub Club every Wednesday, present Move D on the 16th April with support from residents Spittal and Nowicki ///

Tickets :£5/£7
Resident Advisor || Sub Rosa presents Move D


Darkside // Psychic Tour

Electronic collaboration Darkside (Nicolas Jaar / Dave Harrington) come to The Art School on Wednesday 26th March for their first ever Scottish show as part of the Psychic Tour ///


A collaborative project with electro/house supremo Nicolas Jaar and live guitarist Dave HarringtonDarkside was formed in 2011 while the pair were touring in Europe to promote Jaar’s ecstatically received solo album, Space is Only Noise.

Whilst their debut EP Darkside, released on Jaar’s Clown and Sunset label, sparked an immediate buzz with its slick guitar-based funk and spaced-out disco vibes, it was their follow up last year – a stellar full-length reworking of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, which cemented their status as one of the most interesting collaborative projects in electronic music at this moment.


Their follow-up album Psychic (above) released last year was praised as a profoundly forward-thinking and inventive piece of work, mixing progressive rock sensibilities with Jaar’s idiosyncratic style of electronic soundscapes.

“Darkside is utterly sincere, and at its most fractured and psychedelic, Harrington’s guitar lends a smoky, mysterious dimension to Jaar’s slinky electronica.”

Paper Trails is the record’s exceptional midpoint, and in their first RA Sessions video (below), recorded at the Resident Advisor HQ, Jaar and Harrington subtly teased the track out to twice its original length.

With a growing reputation for innovative live shows that sees the pair improvising together to create new, syngeneic sounds; this is one of the most hyped shows of 2014 for electronic music fans in Glasgow ///

RA: Resident Advisor || Darkside (LIVE) at The Art School


Red Bull Revolutions w/ Subculture

Sub Club are set to join Red Bull Music Academy for one of the biggest celebrations of UK club culture on the London Eye, with Red Bull Revolutions in Sound on Thursday 14th November. As Red Bull Music Academy marks it’s 15th Anniversary, they are to take over one of London’s most iconic landmarks and bring the most legendary UK club nights of past and present together for one night, each hosting their own capsule for a 360° homage to the seminal players of, and contributors to, the club landscape over the past 30 years.

Revolutionaries in their own right, with the longest running weekly house night in the UK, Subculture’s Harri and Domenic and special guest Derrick Carter are to represent Glasgow as they join the roster of hosts including: Richie Hawtin, Green Velvet, Erol Alkan and Derrick May; all who have arguably transformed the face of electronic music along with a further swathe of dance music’s elite to man the decks on the landmark night.


As those in attendance at the London Eye dance through history in the skies, we can dive into the action online via the coverage from 7:30pm. A world first in live-streaming, all thirty capsules will be broadcast simultaneously on and globally on Red Bull’s YouTube channel so music fans around the world can participate in this unique celebration of sound ///  ||  #RevsInSound

Steve Huerta //

Vice Bloggers Network

Many artist biographies begin by describing the producer as they grind their way to the top. Steve Huerta fulfills and surpasses this typical notion, riding a line between the underground and the Beatport charts with his highly polished sound. His signature style spans back to house music’s roots while maintaining a deep, fresh modern sheen. With support from many of the industry’s top electronic acts, Steve Huerta’s tracks can be heard in clubs, festivals and warehouses all over the world..
Huerta began producing in 2012 with releases ‘Take Me Closer‘ and ‘Can’t Let Go‘ on Montreal based Amadeus Records, run by frequent collaborator Urulu. These forward-thinking productions paved the way for a rewarding 2013, with Huerta’s EP ‘Do Good To Me’ (below) and soon after ‘Things I Didn’t Mean‘ was released on Berlin’s highly respected Dirt Crew Recordings and has since graced the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound Radio and Ibiza Global Radio.
With the August release of his EP ‘Retrofit’ and more to follow scheduled on Amadeus Records, Huerta hasn’t slowed down on the journey to the top of his game and his next goal is to tour Europe towards the end of 2013. Don’t sleep on this up-and-comer, Steve Huerta already has a unique sound that would appeal to electronic music fans around the UK and would bring something  fresh to Glasgow’s thriving underground scene…


Nina Kraviz Press Photo - Copy

Pressure // Electric Frog // Riverside Festival


The Electric Frog and Pressure have joined forces to bring you The Riverside Festival – an event which promises to be something special, whatever the weather. These prominent names in the Glasgow nightlife scene have set up an immense line-up for the grounds of the iconic Riverside Museum and Tall Ship down by the River Clyde //
The event will feature outdoor stages and bars, covered dance floors, street food, comedy and performance art with a real carnival atmosphere. It’s all happening on Saturday 24th August kicking off at 4pm and finishing off at 11pm. It’s going to be explosive from start to finish, so round up for the dance event of the summer!

BOYS NOIZE is first on the line-up for The Riverside Festival and is one of Germany’s finest producers. Based in Berlin, Alex Ridha is has remixed tracks for the likes of David Lynch, Depeche Mode and The Chemical Brothers. He is known as one of the most valued electronic artists, awarded with the Independent Music Award as well as Best Electronic Artist 3 years in a row on Beatport. His DJ sets are uplifting and he’s regarded by many as one of the worlds’ best DJ’s, not only technically but also as a showman. Seamlessly mixing and remixing on the spot, he never fails to deliver high-powered and gripping sets: unforgettable experiences for the witnesses.
JAMIE XX is London-based music producer and member of Mercury Music Prize winners The XX. Born Jamie Smith, he began his musical career playing the drums but after realising he couldn’t use his innovation skills on this instrument, he turned to producing music using electronic percussion pads allowing him to play both live and in the studio. He is now known far and wide for his work with The XX as well as remixes of songs from artists such as Radiohead and Gil-Scott Heron with ‘I’ll Take Care of U‘ which was named a masterpiece in its own right. We’re in for a treat when Jamie XX brings his euphoric set to Riverside.
LEN FAKI is considered a legend in the techno world and is guaranteed to get Riverside Festival goers fired up. He’s done it before back at Pressure in March this year and he’s set to it again. Faki is a well hyped DJ and producer Faki, resident of Berlin’s highly regarded Berghain club, touring clubs all over, he’s done his bit for this community, spreading the love for techno all over the world. We’re very excited to have him back in Glasgow and always show him the warm welcome he deserves – this time should be no exception.
NINA KRAVIZ is currently the name on everyone’s lips in the house and techno community. Very rarely does a DJ/ producer shoot to stardom so quickly – and when they do, they seldom have the talent to back it up. Nina is the exception to the rule. She always attracts the crowds with her mystical stage presence and own blend of house and techno. When she comes to Riverside this August it’s sure to be massive…
JOSH WINK was one of the pioneers in the rave scene in the U.S during the early 1990’s. Native of Philadelphia, he embraces a diligent work ethic, a spiritual mindset and a self-taught mastery of dancefloor devastation using little more than a pair of turntables. He has worked hard to become one of the world’s most in demand purveyors of experimental, electronic dance music. To this day, Josh Wink has stayed true to his roots and we have a lot of respect for that.
J.ROCC is one of the original turntablists and a welcome addition to the Riverside line-up. He began DJ’ing in the mid 1980’s and later formed the Beat Junkies, a collective who became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop. In addition to numerous mixtapes and his own production for Stones Throw releases, he has featured alongside artists such as Jurassic 5, The Visionaries and Cypress Hill.
UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE (LIVE): This is the debut performance in Scotland of Underground Resistance’s live outfit Timeline and is not to be missed. Named after the Galaxy 2 Galaxy classic, the legendary collective from Detroit has included the likes of Dan Caballero, Darren McKinney, Gerald Mitchell, Raphael Merriweather’s Jr and UR don Mike Banks in its number down the years. With two previous EPs under its belt – Return of the Dragons and more recently Graystone Ballroom – Timeline carries UR’s proud tradition of live machine funk with aplomb.
MICHAEL MAYER is a German DJ who started producing music at a young age. Experimenting with his own sound and playing clubs where his music wasn’t for the general public, he eventually found his feet and became a foundation of the music scene in Cologne, Germany and is now co-owner of the Kompakt label. Whether it’s his productions, his dj’ing or his remixing, he’s not one to mess around, Michael Mayer is a welcome addition to the Riverside line-up.
SLAM are a dynamic duo who need no introduction to the regulars in the Glasgow nightlife scene. Founders of Soma Records continues to be one of the world’s leading purveyors of cutting edge electronic music. Slam are responsible for some of the biggest nights about. They are the reason behind Pressure, Return to Mono and their Slam Tent at T in the Park. They never forget to come home and put on a big party after travelling all over the world to share their passion for electronic music.
OPTIMO are in the building; or rather down by the river. Twitch and Johnny Wilkes are a Scottish double act that have graced dance fans with their presence amongst busy tour dates across Europe and America. Depending on the duo’s mood, their sound will veer from sleazy funk to punk, electro and anything inbetween. With their wide mix of music tastes, they always put on a unique show and it’s always a pleasure to watch them perform and the Riverside Festival goers will not be disappointed. 
AUNTIE FLO is a Glasgow based DJ and producer who is a resident at the club night Highlife. With released records for Kompakt, Domino and Philomena / Innervisions – there’s no doubt he will give us a live set not to be missed. A regular on the international club circuit, he has performed at the Panorama Bar, Fabric, Sub Club, at festivals around the world and live on BBC Radio 1.
PRO VINYLIST KARIM has held it down for many a year at Glasgow institution Rubadub; a breeding ground for aspiring music producers and showmen. Never far from the turntables, Karim has featured at RockNess, T in the Park and is a regular support act at The Electric Frog. The List magazine wrote that he: “pretty much sums up what’s happening in electronic music in Scotland right now.”


The Riverside Festival presented by Pressure and The Electric Frog is expected to be off the scale and the already massive line-up will reel in music fans from far and wide. With the Riverside Museum and Tall Ship (above) being a unique and iconic location in Glasgow – organisers and music fans look forward to this being the new home of Scotland’s premier electronic music event over the coming years…
Tickets £30 + booking fee – available from Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor

Written by: Jamie Campbell                 ///                    Edited by: Roger Whyte

Tribal Pulse // Glasgow Label


Tribal Pulse is a new record label and club night based in Glasgow who aim to push for a psychedelic techno sound from the future. Their initial releases will feature work from resident Boom Merchant as well as talented artists such as: Pole Folder, Acidulant and Deepfunk. Tribal Pulse aim to release a record every few months, with mastering by Shawn Joseph at Optimum perfecting the massive sound.
The Tribal Pulse launch night is on at the Chambre 69 replacement Make Do with a live set by German producer Robert Babicz (below) and support from Glasgow-based producer and co-founder of the label, Boom Merchant, who’ll deliver his own hypnotic brand of house and techno music.
Tribal Pulse aim to provide music of the highest quality, both in live and recorded format. Fire down to Make Do on Friday 10th May for an experience of sound that promises deep, pulsating rhythms that will rattle your chest and make your spine tingle…
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Beardyman Tour // The Arches

The explosive sound of Beardyman comes to The Arches on 2nd June! Expect to be mind-blown by this extraordinary talent as he embarks on his new tour. His unique sound will send you to another dimension as he creates a live experience not to be missed…

Beardyman (below) is a London-based beatboxer, comedian and musical extraordinaire who is considered as one of the most talented musicians in the UK. Throughout his career he has experimented with elements of drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat and techno mixed in with the occasional reggae and ska beat which are performed solely using his vocal chords and new production technology. By working hard to create a unique show, he has earned himself a massive reputation as ‘one of the most interesting performers operating today’ by showcasing his beatboxing skills on stages in the UK and beyond…

Dubbed as a beatboxer from the future, Beardyman can loop, edit and add effects to his voice in real time making the possibilities of his live show almost endless. Since he’s not tied down by conventional instruments, entire sound scapes can be layered up in seconds with bass, drums and melodies that sound as if they were created by synthesisers and drum machines. The high quality of his instantaneous production gives the impression that there’s no sound that Beardyman can’t create with his voice that won’t blow your mind.
Beardyman is now on tour through the UK to showcase his newly-designed technological innovation for use within his live shows and recordings. His creativity shines through on the Beardytron 5000 (video below) which promises to transform simple beats and sounds into a fresh melody which will send his music into another dimension //

Through his innovative and futuristic outlook on creating music, Beardyman has inspired a new generation of electronic production in Glasgow and beyond. For the full Beardyman experience, you’ll have to see him for yourself when he comes to The Arches on Sunday 2nd June for the final show of his tour…

Tickets available from Ticketmaster and the official Arches website.


Written by: Johnny Clark              ///                 Edited by: Roger Whyte

Underground // Experience SLAM

This story spans three decades and three generations. Their elasticated bass tones have touched the lives of everyone with a love of techno in Glasgow. Stuart MacMillan and Orde Meikle are the devilish duo responsible for developing the genre and bringing it to clubs. It’s none other than: Slam!

Wherever you drink, wherever you work, wherever you dance; every teen to thirty something has raved and craved the coveted duo Slam. They are the dirty disco duo who form part of the cultural fabric of Glasgow’s clubbing society. Ask around the city and most people will have had a life changing moment at a Slam performance. Below you will find the Positive Education released by Soma Quality Recordings (SOMA#008) back in 1993.

Soma – Slam Positive Education

Label: Soma Quality Recordings
Catalog#: SOMA 008
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM

Glasgow’s underground experience

Slam came together over ten year’s ago and the duo share a passion for music and a debauched past which started with soul weekenders, punk and reggae through to early acid-house at the almighty Sub Club. By the late 80’s Slam had already led the field. Acid house exploded in Scotland with the legendary Slam at Tin Pan Ally. “For most people Slam was their first clubbing experience.” Soon after, in 1989, full of acid house enthusiasm, Slam produced the City’s first all-night rave!!

Sub Club’s famous soundsystem works well with Slam in it’s dark, funky, bass heavy, sweaty, writhing, sleazy techno, punctuated with house grooves. Slam’s sound this reflects the environment – long nights enveloped by a vibrant and eccentric crowd. Their clubbing experience provides Glasgow with an soundtrack that will inspire future underground producers to raise their game and release their music to the masses…
 This is the true sound of Glasgow and Slam made it…

Cyril Hahn // Killer Kitsch

Killer Kitsch presents: remix maestro Cyril Hahn at The Buff Club on Tuesday 5th March as part of his European Tour!

While Cyril Hahn has only one major release to his name, he’s managed to find a style that gets people hooked. With over 2 million listens on the internet and support from acts such as Annie Mac, Diplo and The XX, this young Swiss producer has attracted vast amounts of appreciation for his ambient-but-upbeat sound. Born & raised in Bern, Switzerland, Hahn is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.
Currently he has a number of tracks online – the most listened to being his incredibly fresh version Destiny Child’s 1999 release, ‘Say My Name.’ The song has been completely stripped down and revived with airy synths, altered vocals and a strong beat, all combining to form a crisp and modern sound that makes it almost impossible to sit still.
While his Destiny Child remix is his most well-known song, Hahn has a handful of other creations currently available on his Soundcloud. These include a remix of Solange’s ‘Losing You‘, Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me‘ and a recent mini-mix recorded for Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. While these sounds and sets may have helped to quench the public’s thirst for Cyril’s lively style, many people will be extremely happy to hear of his debut European Tour. 
While the Buff Club has been the host for some busy nights over the past few months, none have sold out their advanced tickets as quick as Cyril Hahn. If you want to see him on his tour, there are still 150 tickets available on the door. You’ll have to get down fast as when he brings his set to the Buff Club on Tuesday 5th of March, it’ll be one you’ll not want to miss…
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Benga Aftershow // The Arches


Red Bull Studios presents a series of aftershows with Benga, the electronic tour de force and master of dubstep production. He will bring his set to The Arches on Sunday 17th February.

Diary of an Afro Warrior
From humble beginnings on the dubstep scene. Benga Adejumo whipped what was originally an underground rumble into a global music frenzy, spear-heading a movement and growing to become the force he is today.
Following the six-part ‘I Am Benga’ video series, showing a year in the life of the artist from the clubs of South London to the global stage, his collaboration with Red Bull Studios continues this year with a run of intimate aftershow parties at three of the UK’s top club venues after lending his mastery as support for Example on his headline tour.
Benga’s musical career has unfolded strength by strength, thriving as an electronic music pioneer with the ability to deliver an addictive beat. His collaborations with fellow producers Coki (below), Skream and Artwork, and his unrivalled talent has pushed him to the frontier of the dubstep scene and beyond, ever expanding and perfecting his sound. 
This is an exclusive chance to catch Benga playing in front of a small, up-for-it crowd – with a limited capacity it’s advised to get your ticket as soon as possible, or miss out on something which won’t be happening again any time soon.

When it comes to dancefloors across the globe thudding under the stomps of its crowd, Benga has a lot to answer for, and Red Bull Studios are more than excited to host this series of aftershows and we will find out just how intense the sound of Benga can be…

Benga website –
Tickets – £5 advance via The Arches website –

Written by: Roger Whyte