Apollonia – The Arches

Apollonia - The Arches

The Arches are proud to present a night with Apollonia – one of this year’s Ibiza phenomena, and one of the most exciting DJ outfits on the electronic circuit.

Celebrated DJs and producers in their own right, the dynamic trio of Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky formed Apollonia in the Parisian underground, launching as a label and DJ collective back in 2012. Presenting a back-to-back-to-back spectacular, Apollonia mix tracks together for their extended sets of five hours or more, following a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of the show.

The Apollonia label has released tracks by the individual members, as well as their collaborations, and tracks by the likes of Jovonn, Callisto and Kerri Chandler. They have travelled across the globe in the past two years, bringing their upfront mix of house, techno and deep electronic sounds to the world’s most exclusive clubs and dancefloors. The trio recorded a set for Mixmag, this year at the BPM Festival – watch it here.

Having left Paris in recent years in favour of Berlin, winters are spent locked in studio sessions in Kreuzberg, while summer it’s off to the hotter shores of their beloved Ibiza. Some of their favourite annual events include: DC10 Ibiza, Panorama Bar Berlin, BPM Festival Playa Del Carmen and Fabric London, for whom they mixed Fabric70 of the renowned compilation series. For the first time in 2014, they mixed the Space Terrace CD of the party’s summer compilation, as well as being given the coveted honour of opening Amnesia’s Terrace, one of the biggest events of the Ibiza calendar.

To date the trio have put out their debut EP ‘Trinidad’ on the label, but the anticipation for 2014 undoubtedly centres around their first album, Tour à Tour released 20th October. The first track to be revealed from their debut album is ‘Sona’ which can be streamed on SoundCloud below.

On Friday 12th December, Apollonia bring their inimitable mixing skills to The Arches for what promises to be an unmissable night. Support comes from their fellow French label/DJ team Hold Youth, aka Seuil & Le Loup, as well as Parisian DJ/producer Djebali.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor ///



Hex Glasgow //


HEX are a Glasgow-based collective running nights featuring the best in forward-thinking underground music. The crew met here in Glasgow a few years back after they were taken in by the vast electronic music scene the city has to offer. Following this, they decided to combine their different styles to create a fresh, unique sound. Their music tastes are inspired around the electronic music spectrum with influences from: UK Bass, Garage, Jungle, House and Techno. With half of the crew headlining iAM at Sub Club alongside Beta and Kappa back in November and all 6 residents (pictured below) playing to a packed-out Burn Mondays night at Buff Club – the future will tell which venue the Hex collective will pack out next. For now, La Cheetah on Queen Street is Hex’s home venue – with many successful events already under their belt, often followed by the occasional infamous afterparty ///

After finding a perfect venue in Max’s La Cheetah last year and after months producing and mixing their new underground sound, the collective began to upload their latest tracks, sets and mixtapes on music distribution platforms such as: MixCloud and SoundCloud. Their launch night back in April 2013 was set up to kick start the Hex soundsystem with all 6 residents (Sebmann, Blackie, Walbaum, Smack, Ching and Alias) playing their sounds to a packed-out underground venue. Their initial event created a stepping stone for Hex to improve on with high-energetic performances from the whole crew creating a new following from the crowd with a special vibe that made for an all-round successful and memorable night ///

Hex returned after summer last year and welcomed back friends to the city with a follow-up for Round II which was another electric night attracting a new crowd to La Cheetah. The sheer vibration of the venue’s Funktion 1 soundsystem along with well-hyped performances from each the residents particularly set the mark for the launch of Sebmann’s ‘Shtun’ EP a few months down the line joined by members of Nineteen 89 Records prior to the artist being signed to the London-based electronic label ///

Round III was the first event of this year back in January with Simon Fowler supporting Sebmann returning fresh from his EP Launch and headlining the night was residents Smack playing a back-to-back set with Ching. The following month was the Hex Education night set up as an Anti-Valentine event with friend of the collective Fergus warming up the decks before the residents took over and once again shook the underground of La Cheetah with their massive sound. We cannot mention the Hex crew without the work of The Art Slinger featuring on every Hex flyer and poster used to promote each event – creating fresh illustrations and animations (below) which replicate each event’s general vibe. Jess is also known for her exquisite wild animal art designs for Glasgow’s favourite clothing brand – Feral Threads ///

Hex Design by Jess Slinger The Hex crew celebrated their first year together as an electronic collective at La Cheetah on Thursday 29th May 2014 with regulars Walbaum and Ching on warm-up duties playing a back-to back set before Sebmann took to the decks. Their special guest for the night was producer F.T.G (Fuck The Government) from Italy who headlined the celebration at La Cheetah playing tracks never heard before from the crowd and Hex residents. He had been on their radar’s for a while, with ‘Tribute89′ becoming an underground success back in 2013, featuring in electronic charts around the world. All of his tracks are available on Resident Advisor. F.T.G has an immense passion for the Chicago sound which shined through in his production and selection on the night – the Hex collective  appreciate and respect the producer as a true enthusiast of all things vinyl and analogue. Listen to Fuckthegovernment #001 ///

The collective’s 1st birthday celebration at the end of May marked a summer break for the whole Hex crew whilst they plan their next event. They are to use this time to reflect on the past events over the past year, to create and discover new electronic music styles and to further improve their unique sound. This will lead them to produce new tracks ready to be played out to their growing fanbase when the Hex crew return for another huge party in September – exact date and venue to be announced over the next few months. With three of the members headlining iAM at the end of last year, Alias, Smack and Sebmann represented Hex at Sub Club on Tuesday 1st July, joining the residents Beta and Kappa for yet another unforgettable aural adventure ///

Editor – Roger Whyte

Photography – Bryce Powrie (c)            Art/Design – Jess Slinger (c)